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Steve Lloyd has over twenty years of diverse entrepreneurial experience which began at age 20 when he purchased, managed and ultimately sold a restaurant in Parkside, Pennsylvania. Since then, his career has revolved around real estate.

Steve is well-known for his abilities to identify real estate market opportunities, and he is recognized as an expert in raising and investing private capital. Steve knows the value of using leverage and creating passive residual income, which he builds primarily through purchasing distressed real estate funded through private capital.

At the end of 2012, Steve’s portfolio was valued at about $21 million in real estate assets.

Current Activities

“Doing business with Steve has been a pleasure and I look forward to continuing and potentially expanding my relationship with him.”


More from Steve’s Clients…

Mr. Lloyd is a Founder and Managing Partner of several real estate development companies. He is responsible for investor relations, specifically securing capital from private sources for placement into acquisition, rehab, and development activities. Steve directs corporate accounting systems and represents these companies at local and regional real estate events.


In 2003, Steve created Aurora Marketing, a firm that specialized in mortgage industry advertising and sales. While with Aurora, Steve discovered his passion for educating potential real estate investors and began a series of public speaking engagements. In 2004, he co-founded the Real Estate Networking Group (“RING”). He spoke monthly at the Montgomery County Investment Group (“MCIG”) which he co-founded in 2005. In addition to RING and MCIG, he is a member of the South Jersey Investment Group (“SJI”) and the Diversified Investment Group (“DIG”). Currently he can be found speaking in various venues on the topic of raising private money, and he often speaks at CAMA Plan, a self-directed IRA company.

In 2006, Steve was a co-founder of Partners for Payment Relief LLC (PPR), a non-performing note company. This company specializes in buying non-performing second position mortgages throughout the United States. PPR buys distressed mortgages in bulk and then works them back to re-performing or performing status by working closely with the homeowner in a respectful, compassionate way. Their business philosophy is simple: Work with the homeowner to develop a strategy that enables them to keep their home while satisfying their obligations.

Also, in 2006, Steve founded and became the managing partner of an integrated real estate development company engaged in the strategic acquisition and development of residential properties. Their company has multiple capabilities, including general contracting, real estate sourcing, financing, development, leasing, and disposition. Steve and his partners have created an organization dedicated to adding quality and value to student housing in the communities surrounding Temple University. They create equity through innovative rehabilitation and management practices, while delivering superior consistent results to its clients and investors.


Steve continues to build and develop real estate through a growing network of private investors. He regularly shares his real estate and private lending experiences. He enjoys teaching others how to recognize and achieve their dreams through building a passive residual life.

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